More boxes, less space

As I said, there will be quite a few posts, this time an update on the boxes
I have gotten this year.

First out is Eldorado Gate, a SEVEN part RPG released on Dreamcast, I have
always been interested in this and always wanted to get the limited box
with all seven games. A friend finally sold his copy to me last month,
many thanks!

The box is a darker green but the camera can’t capture it sadly.
It’s actually made in plastic and not the usual cardboard.

All the games (yes they all have their “spine”) and a small booklet with
Yoshitaka Amano art.

As a bonus I got this one from the same friend:

One of the few boxes like this released on SFC, Angelique Premium box,
a nice item to have in the collection.

Actually from the same friend once again, haha,
my number one supplier of boxes this year:

Officially my first Vita game, I already have the PS4 version
of the game and just wanted the box.

A bit expensive but I do love it, the figurines and the pop-up book
are the best! (even if a real artbook would be even better)

Lastly we have this monster:

There is plenty of pictures to find on the internet so I didn’t bother to
photo the inside but it is filled to the brim, a massive artbook, music box,
Vinyl disc, a pop-up background-screen, making of disc, steelbook! Phew!

I had to do some rearranging to make room for all of these, I should maybe
take some new overview pictures soon.

Next up we have even more soundtracks followed by a crazy Xeno update,
stay tuned!


Added some Xeno posters!

Just a short but cool update today with the latest Xeno items, some of them
arrived a while ago but I wanted to wait until they all got here.

First we have a dual-sided poster from Episode I.II, the DS game:

I regret not getting this a few years ago, not expensive but hard to find.
It only came with a magazine and sadly all copies are folded like this,
still, a really lovely picture with some even more lovely colors.

Next out something that has been high up on my wanted list for years,
the US Episode II promo poster! It is a bit damaged, I paid way too much
including the shipping and custom fees but I’m very happy to finally
cross this of the list, a really nice seller too!

I don’t think I have seen one of these since my early collecting days,
also from the US and not really a poster but a promo cut-out from
Episode III!! You know I love my Episode III items and this one was a
surprise and not really on my list, yay. The “U-DO” colors man!
A big thanks to this seller as well!

Does anyone from the US know if there was another one like this
but promoting the T-elos poster instead?

That’s all for today but both more Xeno and another
soundtrack post is coming up very soon!

Concert (x2)

Before anyone becomes too excited or jealous, no I was not in Japan or the
20th anniversary concert of Xenogears but we have to at least mention it
of course. Firstly, I have seen the recording of the concert and it was
absolutely amazing watching it on the projector, I am eternally grateful
that they decided to record it even if the distribution method leaves
much to be desired… I still cross my fingers for a real blu-ray release.

Secondly the arrangements and the performances were just the best,
I do love Creid and Myth but this was the versions I always wanted to hear,
very true to the original and finally, FINALLY I get to hear Grahf’s theme
in something else than MIDI. Ahhh.

I could go on and on about this but I would just recommend you to watch it
yourself instead. 10/10, a dream.

Also, seeing this I would probably just have stolen it and left the country
before the concert even began, haha:

As consolation there was actually a video game concert here in Sweden
the same day. Me, my sister and her boyfriend all went, seeing Xenosaga
on the “track list” was more than enough to convince us:

I have no pictures from the event but it was in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm,
a nice hall it was, better sound quality in the room itself than the other
concerts I have been to.

A short summary:

-Sonic did not translate well to orchestra
-Wizardry was surprising, not too many have a relation to that over here
-Ni no Kuni was fantastic even if I’m a bit tired of the main theme at
the moment, hehe
-Suikoden was a magnificent highlight, still can’t believe how well the
orchestra did
-Secret of Mana, I have heard this performed better before but still nice
-The Megaman medley was a bit hard to keep track of since it included many
tracks from the NES games but no complaints,
works much better than Sonic in this form

The second act introduced the choir and man did they do a good job with:

-Suikoden II, goosebumps all over, 10/10!
-Last Guardian, even though I just saw my brother beat it and beat it
myself on release I have no feelings for the music.
-Shadow of the Colossus, again the orchestra did an absolutely
fantastic job, so well-performed.
-Xenosaga Gnosis, another dream to hear Xenosaga LIVE, not the most
exciting track BUT still amazing, I have heard the music hundreds of
times but detected no flaws in the performance, pure bliss.
-Xenosaga The Miracle, short and intense, love this in the game but it
became a bit to messy when all instruments and the choir blasted away
in the second half. Still, unreal to hear it live at all just not
perfection like Gnosis or Suikoden.
-Final Fantasy IX medley, sadly a bit messy and a strange choice of
tracks but hearing the ending sequence from the final scene in the game
LIVE was VERY unexpected.
-Liberi Fatali, I have heard this one as well performed live before but
it never gets old for me when the big drums and choir go at it at the
same time!

They also played a Zelda and a Mario song as bonuses, not bad!

A really nice concert with a good mix! I wanted to write about something
else between my “loot” posts because there will be quite a few if all
goes well, at the moment importing things to Sweden is next to impossible
and I’m a bit worried about some incoming items… I do have a few already
arrived ones to post in the meantime at least!

First Xeno items of the year

Well, if you count the Xenoblade Soundtrack in the last post it is technically
the second items, oh well.

If you remember my surprise at finding a Xenosaga Promo / store VHS last year
my surprise doubled when I found ANOTHER one, now I really need a japanese
VHS player, haha.

For some reason these phone cards are still haunting me, I swear, there is
always one more to get, this time from the Animation:

Same goes for these, I was so sure that I had every “not for sale” promo DVD
but I didn’t find this one in any of my pictures so I had to get it.

And last but not least, I finally found him, Ramses:

This completes the laminated card set for Xenogears and not counting the
new soundtrack next month and the figures later this year I’m only searching
for TWO more Gears items at the moment, a japanese promo poster and the
very eluding Brady mini guide from the US, if anyone has it,
please sell it to me, I’m going crazy about that one…

I already have two more Saga items on the way, this will surely be another
good year for the collection at this pace!

Soundtracks x4

Yep, more soundtracks, the Nier Automata vinyl box was not enough!

The Arranged Nier soundtrack arrived a while ago before the others
and it does have a few amazing tracks, it does also have 2 discs but
the second one is just all the different versions of “Birth of a Wish”.
Since I have (almost) all of the Nier soundtracks now I thought it
was time to get Drakengard 3 as well, it is very similar in style
and does have a connection after all, finally I’m able to blast
“Final Song” in perfect quality, ahh.

I can’t believe it took me over 7 years to get the Xenoblade OST!

And lastly we have something that really surprised me,
a soundtrack with both the Lufia and Lufia II’s music,
released last year!!

How beautiful! I opened and listened to all of these but I should probably have
kept Lufia sealed, oh well, then I wouldn’t have seen the discs line up like this.

I should probably do a post with all my soundtracks soon, I don’t really collect
them but by now they are quite a few.

Nier and Automata Vinyl box set

The title already spoiled it but I did get one of these, a Christmas gift from me
to me, always the best ones after all:

A set with not only one, not two but FOUR vinyls of Nier AND Automata tracks!
I dare say amazing. I love the drastic increase in the number of games that
get a vinyl soundtrack these days, quite limited and expensive runs sure
but still cool.

Beautiful “sleeves” to hold the four records and a booklet with song lyrics
for each game, really nice. All of them are of course double-sided with
about 4-5 tracks on each side, I would say that they have manage to choose
my favorite tracks from both games, what luck!

This is where the good news end sadly. Firstly, this is exactly how the
inside of the package looked when I opened it:

Most likely the last time I ever buy anything from the Square-Enix store,
a giant box with a small piece of paper in one corner is NOT how you send
something like this… or anything for that matter.
I can’t believe how bad this is, especially considering
the 25 Euro shipping cost!

I am mad but the damage on the box was miraculously small and not
something I need to get replaced.

Time for the good old setup and enjoy some Nier music:

Or so I thought, the next bad news was the horrible sound quality, I feared
that my old amplifier had finally decided to give up but after a while the
speed of the record player started to get very unstable and I decided to plug
in a CD player instead, the amplifier still sounded godly so “luckily” I only
need to replace the player, I could of course restore it with a new pick-up
and fix the motor problem but at this point I don’t feel like it’s worth it
even if it looks good and match the amplifier.

A picture can’t do it justice, it’s just so gorgeous, one of my absolute
favorite items. One of the first Surround/ 4 channel amplifiers ever made
and the control and balance you can get with it is just ridiculous.
Playing around with this, and some CD soundtracks also reminded me of what
a futile hobby the quest for the perfect sound is, you just end up fiddling
with the levels, placements of speakers and all kinds of variables,
different settings for different songs etc. it never ends and like so many
other things it’s very personal what you consider good sound.

I didn’t plan on going into detail today since I might come back to it but
the speakers I use are two relatively cheap smaller “surround” speakers and
the bigger ones built by me years ago, in fact they are not 100% finished
and both the smaller speakers and my home-built ones are quite mediocre on
their own but for some reason they really complete each other and with the
sound quality of the old amplifier combined with the level of balance it
provides it just blows me away (the quality), the volume could also blow me
and the games away but that would be a bad idea, hehe.

Oh well, I will get back to this when I have a new record player but so far,
an amazing set of amazing music!

Beaten games 2017

Why hello 2018, let’s do this again, I usually like to complain
about how fast the year has passed by but going trough the list,
some of these games feel like ages since I played.

I believe most people agree that 2017 has been a really strong gaming year
regardless of what genres you like to play, I would probably say
the best year since the year of Xenosaga III, 2006, wow!

I will follow the same format as before this year too, my goal was
to beat 72 games this year and I did (79 to be exact), woho!

The top three games of the year is at the bottom.



Yume Penguin Monogatari
Only one NES game this year and the 100th beaten on that console.
A simple cute game with at least one really good song!


I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!

I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!

Madou Monogatari
I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!

The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!

I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!

Dragon Quest V
Did I write about this? Either way it had my favorite story
in the series even if that never was the big focus of the
games. Wish I had played part 4 and 6 on the SNES as well.

Operation Logic Bomb
A simple and vague game, you have no idea what is going on in the story
but you shoot at things, it is quite solid but it would really need
some more health items and variation.

Tengai Makyou
So glad to finally be able to play this in English!
As you might know it uses some special chip and a real-time clock
that affects events in the game long before Animal Crossing existed,
thanks to things like that it has taken some extra time to translate.
In the end I really enjoyed the game, some amazing environments,
some good music and maybe not fantastic battles but more than okay.
I only wish the story, and especially the bad guys
were a bit more serious.


Metroid Samus Returns
As you might remember the fan remake AM2R was the best released
game last year, the same can not be said about this remake, as expected.
It is not bad and I am glad that they made an official remake but it
is a waste of time compared to the fan-made.
My main problem is actually the fact that it is handheld, I can’t play
action games on handhelds without hurting my hands, not the games fault
but it adds up. A positive thing is the difficulty, by far the hardest
Metroid game (on normal settings). Oh well I don’t have too much
negative things to say in fact aside from the obvious
(the graphic and MELEE combat in a Metroid game, rabble rabble!).
Just play both remakes, it’s interesting to compare them.

Luigis Mansion 2
Finally played it, not bad but too long for its own good and again,
action on handhelds is not for me.


Paper Mario: Color Splash
Didn’t I write about this, hm, really like the humor and
references etc. in this, a big step up from Sticker Star but the
battles are still a bit dull and I avoid them as much as possible…
The localization team needs to get a raise after this game!

Zelda Breath of the Wild
I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!


Cave Story+
This old thing once again! Playing it with the Joycons was
true suffering and only a miracle made me beat HELL and Balos.
Oh well, a few new changes to the game once again,
I can’t believe how many versions there is now.

Super Mario Odyssey
First time that I buy a Mario game on release even if I have played a
few of them on release. It is a good and well designed game
(for the most part) but the lack of any challenge drops it below
a lot of the other Mario games in the end. I beat every boss in the
game on my first try, that is just not fun, the sad part is that they
all have fun patterns and again, very well designed, I have no idea
how you would balance them to fix this but for me the lack of
challenge made the game quite boring. The best part was something I
usually don’t like in games, taking control of the enemies!
Being one of those long-legged guys or a wriggly is THE BEST.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
I guess I will have to come back to this with spoilers, there is
much do discuss after all but for now, I enjoyed it, the first
game remains my favorite in this series and this
is a second place, all as expected.


Puzzle Quest
Only one PS2 game?! Now that I have them all I should get back
to a few more this year. It got repetitive fast but I still like
the idea of combining a RPG with “match three” puzzles.


Ar Nosurge
Finally beat it, The bad parts outweigh the good sadly,
I have no interest in hearing small conversations about 100
random items that you craft or the 100 side stories when you
want to learn new abilities. I just want to get to the good part
where it connects to Ar Tonelicooo…
Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to play it or maybe I would feel the same
about replaying Ar Tonelico as well. Oh well, I came for the music
and main story and those delivered.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
First time replaying since the PS2 version got released and I must say
that I prefer the first game after all, a lot of reused worlds etc.
and this is only the second game!! Still a great game and it feels
good with a refresher of the story, not as complicated
as I remembered (or didn’t remember it).

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
My first time playing this, and wow, they were right,
it is on par with the first two games, a welcomed higher tempo in
both battles and story, new places to visit etc, it’s great,
only DDD left to beat before I am finally ready for part 3.


World of Final Fantasy
Never made it to the rumored extra boss that made me play the game
in the first place but still a nice journey. Not much to say,
as a FF fan you will probably like this!

Tales of Berseria
The story was really exciting and even redeemed Zestira somehow
since they are connected. Still has some of the problems of
modern Tales of games and I still miss the days and style of
Rebirth and Destiny 2 (PS2). I still can’t believe I beat a
Tales of with only 200 encounters either!

Nier Automata
I already wrote about this but 9 months later it is even
more clear that this is the game of the year and also this decade,
as I foretold last year this was the first game since Xenosaga III
to make it into my top ten of all times.

Mighty no9
I just don’t understand why developers forget the things they
already learned 30 years ago and make games like this.

Little Nightmares
I still believe Hunger was a better title but I see why they
had to change it, try searching for a game called just
“Hunger” or “Hunger game”, haha.
Oh well, more or less what I expected but a bit disappointing
since Inside put the bar for this genre so high last year.

Indie version of Ico? I don’t have too much to say, it’s nice,
looks good, have some good puzzles etc. but it’s a short game
that I won’t return to like so many other titles.

This is interesting, an open-world, Action-RPG, beat em up,
shooter, platformer… it’s all in there! I guess you could compare
it to Shadow Run, you just go into places, people shoot at you and
you have no idea what to do. I would really give it a chance,
the first two or so hours are quite hard and frustrating but once
you get into it, it really is a good game, glad I found it.

Final Fantasy 12
Thank the heavens for the 2x/4x speed option. Nice to replay the
story and visit the world again but my view of the game have not
changed at all over the years since it was released.

Intense, short and 100% action!

Not the YS game I wanted or expected but a really good RPG!
Just play it but expect a 40 hour RPG not a YS game.

.Hack GU Recode
Another Remaster of another game where my view of it hasn’t changed
at all, it almost felt pointless to play since I remembered every
detail including the meaningless side quests and tutorials…
it was still great to get an excuse to experience the entire
story again, it is a favorite after all and while the remake itself
feels lazy and has almost no improvement at all over the PS2 versions
it is amazing that we got a collection with all three,
in all regions and that they even included the super rare
“terminal disc” and a new chapter with all the old voice actors,
that is amazing. Also, this collection raises my hope for a
Xenosaga collection by 4%!

Rayman Legends
I prefer Origins but this was of course fun as well in co-op.

Life is Strange
Better than watching any movie or TV series but I can only handle
these “games” once in a while. The story was good and that is
what matters in this case I suppose!

Diablo 3
A bit late to the party, I guess it is four times as fun to play
with a friend and I suppose you should replay at higher
difficulties but compared to Diablo 2 this was a joke,
I literally beat Diablo by standing still holding one button…
I enjoyed it and it even reminded me of Shining Force Neo but I
rather just play that!

Rise of the Tomb Raider
The last game of the year, I actually liked this better than
the “first” in every way. The Uncharted, Tomb Raider, (God of War?)
concept feels so old by now but sometimes you just have to hold up
in these games look around and get impressed by the environments
and the 200+ years of work /man hours that is needed to create
these worlds, I feel a bit bad just rushing trough and not
explore every nook of it but like I said, you even get tired
of things like this.


Didn’t I write about this, maybe only mentioned.
It really feels like the beginning of modern games as we know
them today but it also feels very old and unpolished.
I have always thought the problem with the game was that they
wanted to do too much but playing it now it feels like the opposite,
a really empty game, I beat it in less than 10 hours and I didn’t
even miss much, I expected tons of side quests, a much bigger world
etc. even the few choices you had changed very little
and didn’t feel enough to raise the replay value…


Dark Souls
Revenge all these years later, I might write more about it one day
but for now a pale imitation of Demons Souls, I can’t believe this is
the game everyone mentions before that, Firelink Shrine is not enough
to make it a better game. But don’t worry I like them both now, hehe.


Moustache Mountain
A short and fun game about wall jumping, I was number 10 on the
leader boards last time I checked, wo!

A Bird Story
RPG maker! Not as touching as To the Moon but a nicely told story.

Out There Somewhere
Love this one, a short platform game with puzzle elements.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human
I like the “atmosphere” and idea of the game but it is sadly
the ugliest game I have ever played.

It just works, I feared it would be too many “physics puzzles”
but there were only a few and as a whole a nice game.

Shadow Complex
After all these years I got to play it!
The story is one of the worst I have seen but the important
part is that it really feels like a Metroid game, finding the
hidden items feels just like in Metroid and the combat works
too even if it gets far to easy by the end.

Simple and unpolished but nice.

Titan Souls
A 2D Shadow of Colossus? The only goal is to kill a number
of bosses, some optional some not, you only have one weapon and
one hit before you die, so does many of the bosses.
I love the idea but sadly it feels like too much “luck” in
some cases, you can struggle for hours or get lucky and finish
a boss in seconds. I died 200 times before beating the final boss.

The vanishing of Ethan Carter
One of the most beautiful games,
I can’t believe my computer could run this on high settings.

Alwa’s Awakening
I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back and read about it!

Hollow Knight
I already wrote a longer text about this,
feel free to go back an read about it but since then I have beaten
it a few more times and they have fixed a few issues and added
more content. It just gets better and better and it has a serious
chance to challenge Super Metroid by now, I love this game!

The inner darkness
Nah. Just too short and too simple for me.

YS Origins
A real YS game! Not much more to say, if you like
YS play it!

Mushroom 11
Not a bad game but I swear, this is the last time I play
physic based platform games, I just don’t enjoy it.

Cosmic Star Heroine
Really reminds me of Phantasy Star, an amazing game that sadly had
a few too many bugs on release when I played it. Very few indie RPGs
out there and especially in this style, be sure to check it out!

Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky the Second Chapter
Hope to finish Part 3 and Cold Steel 2 this year, The series as
a whole have a chance to make it into the top 10, we’ll see.

Frog Hop
A very polished game, sadly with very boring
and simple graphic.

Risk of Rain
Another game best enjoyed in co-op and also a bit too much
luck involved, I can’t believe how much this has sold!

Never thought I would beat it but I did,
a very unique game, a must if you like puzzles.

Ori and the Blind Forest
Quite a disappointment, especially since they already
showed the entire story in a trailer…

This is one odd game, got the “fight club” ending, haha.
The goal is to figure out who killed your family, like you can guess
from the title it has an old western theme and an open world with very
high replay value since the game is short and have different endings.

Ghost 1.0
I enjoyed it but have absolutely nothing to say at the moment…
the developer was nice enough to fix a bug within a day from
when I reported it!

It’s a Wind Waker clone, it’s apparent that they spent a lot of
time on this and it is good but I just don’t get why you want to
make a game this close to a Zelda game, why take both the good AND
bad parts, why copy things exactly and not mix it up, whyyy?

I have never felt so much pain from playing a game, my hands were
cramping up by the end. Not the hardest game ever but I did have
quite some trouble in the beginning, love the ending part when
that one song and credits roll!

Another “indie Ico”, just worse in every way.

Cally’s Cave 3
A game about upgrading weapons, you find a good one, think this is
the best weapon ever and then find another even better, constantly!

All other games could learn from the sound design here.
It really makes the game. The slow tempo sadly destroys the
otherwise high replay value.

The switching mechanic is good but it is not enough,
quite an overrated game.

Chronicles of Teddy
Backtracking from hell, it has been a while since a game made
me this frustrated. It feels quite unique with its own “language”
and I want to like it but it is hard to do that sometimes.

Valdis Story
This was not bad at all, in fact really good!

Amnesia A machine for pigs
A bit better balanced than the first game but not at all scary,
I died twice and never saw what killed me…
I assume a pig monster but it could have been whatever!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Another of the few indie RPGs, in full 3D and all!
It really reminds of the PS2 era and Rouge Galaxy, it has a unique
battle system and a lot of energy have been put into this but
sadly the story and characters didn’t interest me at all.

A meta-game were the developer speaks to you constantly,
it is the beat em up version of the Stanley Parable.
It was fun finding all the different ways to break the game
and all the hidden messages etc.

The End is Nigh
almost 2000 deaths, in 5 hours! A new record, despite that
it is a fun game and I actually prefer it over Meat boy.
Even though you only use one button + Dpad it is much more
varied than Meat Boy and the fact that the world is “open”
instead of split into stages adds another dimension to it.

So simple but still fun. Go down, shoot everything.

Tower 57
Another twinstick shooter, it feels like I play a lot of them
these days. It doesn’t feel like one though since you can explore
and talk to NPCs etc. Play with a friend, a bit unbalanced,
really hard in the first stages and far too easy later.

Nex machina
Twin stick Shooter, the amount of action is at least 400%!
I don’t know what is happening and I can’t believe that any
computer can handle the amount of particles and effects
used in this game.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
I could only play a little at a time before feeling ill but
the environments are just gorgeous! A bit more consistent story
than in Dear Esther but more or less the same thing, walk, listen,
walk some more.

The same problem as the first game, too easy! You expect some
real challenge from an AVGN game but no.
Oh well, still fun to play.

Mystik Belle
This is what you get by combining a modern Castlevania with
point and click. You explore a classic Metroid map and fight
enemies but the focus of the game is to combine items to get new
items to combine with new ite… and so on. Not my favorite type of
game since you just end up trying to combine everything
without thinking.

Ikaruga the platform game, you switch between two colors and
damage opposite colored enemies and absorb same colored projectiles.
I didn’t have any expectations but it was quite good,
especially the bosses.
The biggest flaw was the rather dull environments.

The Fall
You take the role as an AI, blah blah. I thought it was a
“metroidvania” but in the end you just end up clicking on everything
and try using every item on everything. Not a bad game but not for me.

And now for the best games of the year:

1: Nier Automata
2: Hollow Knight
3: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

What a year, next one will be crazy as well but nothing will probably come
close to Nier or Hollow Knight.

Xeno merchandise 2017

As promised, finally time to add some new Xeno items to the site/ collection,
most of them are off-the-chart-rare and they have arrived to me over
quite a few months, there is no way I would find all of this at once.

First up is a SEALED copy of the japanese budget version of Xenogears
which also means that I now own every version of the game sealed:

Ï really wanted to share this picture, the top is my sealed copy,
the bottom my old opened, it is such an odd version that comes in two
slim cases and is then just held together with a paper and plastic bag,
let me know if you know about any other PS1 games like this!

More Xenogears:

Two sheets of memory card stickers! There is a lot of other games on there
as well and they weren’t really on my “to buy list” but oh well,
some really rare and nice items to have in this untouched condition.

On to some Saga:

This shouldn’t be to rare but for some reason I have had some trouble getting it, a mousepad.

Another item that was not on the list, I didn’t really know it existed
until I saw it, a Xenosaga Promo VHS! Used in stores to promote the game,
I have a lot of DVDs like that but never knew there was a VHS too.
I don’t own a japanese VHS player so I can’t confirm which trailer or
material it has or how the quality of the tape is holding up but I
suspect it to be one of the first trailers on there and at least
the cosmetic condition is fantastic, what a collector item!

Last and also least (in size) is this amazing pendant:

I forgot to take a picture of the back (will do later) but the back says “kokoro”
and anyone who have played Xenosaga should know what that means!
I’m still not sure what you had to do to get this pendant, if it was a
lottery, store exclusive or just for pre-ordering, in any case it was
given out along with the release of the Kokoro single CD to very few
lucky persons. This is the second copy I have ever seen, I lost a bid war
some years ago and never thought it would pop up again, so glad to have it!

LEGO relapse

I don’t know if anyone actually read it but one of my first posts was about
LEGO and with a few years between I usually get the urge to take out the
old pieces, build something and then move on.

This time however the relapse was worse than that and I even bought a few
larger lots which of course needed cleaning and once again I found myself
spending hours and hours cleaning stuff, my lot in life it seems…

One of the mixed lots I bought.

The same lot roughly sorted.

After cleaning and sorting all of this “new” LEGO and seeing how nice and
clean it all became I finally decided to go trough all of my own
childhood pieces as well… Some of it have never been cleaned and I
have been wanting a better storage system since… well since always,
and that led me to the next project, I didn’t expect to squeeze
another one into this year:

Step one, the cheapest TV-bench Ikea have.

Step two, put the shelves at customized height.

Step three, build four of them!

Step four, put wheels on one of them
(the more expensive ones in rubber, not plastic)

Step five, glue them all together with a glue gun or
some other really strong glue.

Step six, …repeat the above steps and put some test boxes in!

Step seven, keep on cleaning…

Step eight, question your mental sanity.
Then buy out every good storage box in your city…
and the neighbour city…

Step nine, finally sort everything into the boxes and
place them in the shelves!

In the end you have a mobile LEGO storage system with 100 sorted boxes.
Sadly not even this craziness was enough to store it all, I still had
to hide the odd parts that you don’t use often, base plates, wheels
and some other larger pieces in a wardrobe but at least everything
is clean, I have replaced all the old storage boxes and everything is
easy to access. I have built a few sets from the parts I found in the
mixed lots but even after all this work (not to mention money)
I still have no end goal to actually build something at the moment.

Oh well, now you know what I have been up to, don’t worry, this will
not turn into a LEGO blog, next time I will be back with a Xeno update
and I will have quite some games to play and write about now!