Beaten games 25-29 Sfc x5

I’m on a roll!

It has been a while since I actually played something from the SFC shelf,
it was time to fix that with five short ones!

-25 Monstania-

This has been on my to play list for ages ever since I tested the fan translation,
it turned out to be really short and my old save was actually half way trough…
anyway, a nice little Action/strategy/RPG. Very easy thanks to the dumb AI and
the fact that you can revive yourself with items. Interesting game overall,
you only have two party members that you switch between,
while one is attacking, the other can build up AP to use special moves.
Not a fantastic game but nice, I especially like that a few of the stages
are puzzles instead of combat, a rare sight in these games.

-26 Neugier-

Wolfteam! I have tested this before but now with a fan translation
it was time to beat it. I was quite surprised to see this was one of
the VERY few 2D games to try to simulate height and objects you can both
be under and over! Alundra is probably the only one to succeed at this but I
should have known that Wolfteam at least made an attempt. A really short
Action/RPG probably best to compare with Lagoon, this is a bit less confusing
but the majority takes place in a labyrinth castle.

-27 Madou Monogatari-

Yay, finally got this and the translation working on emulator.
I suppose the best comparison would be to link to the past thanks to the
graphics and the fact that it has a semi open world. You get the map and
objective to find 8 stones immediately and can get some of them in which
order you like.

The tempo is very low and I did use the turbo button for this,
every time you get a random encounter you have to see a small conversation
with every enemy, it is fun the first time but not if you meet the same
enemy 30 times in a row… It is cute and you really learn to navigate
the world but the environments are far too empty and there is a lot of
minor issues, I would say that it is halfway to a great game and
I am thankful that translations for these old games keep popping up!


-28 The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang-

This actually got released in english, Another Action/RPG. It somehow
reminds me more of games like Goof Troop than a RPG but oh well.
You have a spin attack, you can throw your hat and use items,
that is more or less everything, luckily another short game otherwise it
would have gotten dull fast. It is of out most importance to keep up your
levels or a single enemy will take ages, we are talking 50-100 hits (!)
otherwise simple enough. For some reason the main character also reminds
me a bit of Laharl from Disgaea, haha.

-29 Hiouden-

Oh yes, another one from Wolfteam, this time with Motoi Sakuraba
and Yoshiharu Gotanda, I knew this would be good after seeing
their names in the intro.

Apparently a port from NEC’s PC98, and it shows, once again Wolfteam
shows their skills by managing to get this running on the SNES,
the only SNES game I have ever beaten with a mouse!
There is a lot of icons, sub menus and things in general to click on
and it is a pain with the SNES controller. A lot of jumping between
different views of the map and scrolling back and forth.
The mouse is a must!

This should probably be called an RTS since you can control all of
your troops in real-time etc. RTS is a genre that I have spent very
little time with but most of them seem to be relatives to RPGs anyway,
it will keep its place in the shelf!

I would probably not have made it to the end without save states
(almost didn’t with them either) and it is a hard game, it starts of easy
but as soon as you get a full party of 24 characters it’s hard to keep
them all alive and there is just not enough revive items…
half of the team were dead for the second half of the game.

Despite the troubles I really did enjoy the game, the story was quite
nice too even though I have lost count on how many times a prince need
to reclaim his kingdom etc.

Now with pictures!

I just couldn’t move on until I got this done, sooo this post will just
be new pictures of ALL PS2 games.
I also went ahead and made a category/ page with the same pictures,
a bit unnecessary maybe but I want them to be easy to find
in the future too. Seems like the total number is 153 games, hehe.

Every english PS2 RPG !

I am both happy and a bit annoyed at the moment, happy because the final
game needed to complete the PS2 collection arrived yesterday,
annoyed because I spent all day taking photos of the games, arranging
them and moving things around only to find out that my camera for some
reason decided not to save most of the pictures…
Now that the collection is complete I might invest in a new one, bah.

This was supposed to be a large post with pictures of them all but I
don’t have the time and energy to redo it all at the moment, I will do
it in the future but enjoy the few pictures that remains for now:

This is how I wanted to show all the games, sorted by region and series.

The second and final overview remaining…

The limited/ special boxes, a bit hard to see Wild Arms 5.

More limited/ special boxes, the FFXI and Dragon Quest boxes have some
damage and will probably be replaced.

Ah the big ones, I forgot the Mana Khemia one but we can just
recycle the old picture of that.

There it is!

Wo, all of them together! NTSC on the upper row, PAL and a few NTSC
on the lower. How glorious, all in alphabetic order.
Well the Xeno and Tales of games is placed on other shelves but
the rest of them are here!

Another angle of them all.

A bit tight but I am happy I could fit them all on two shelves, well,
Xenosaga 2 is with the rest of the Xeno, Mana khemia on the Gust shelf
and FFXI on the FF shelf.

The entire Playstation shelf can’t fit in one picture but this is how it looks
right now, I had to move the Final Fantasy related PSP boxes to the FF shelf
but I think this solution is good, two shelves for PS2 boxes and two for PSP.
I will be in serious space-trouble if (when) I go for the
japanese PS2 games, hehe.

So happy to finally have them all! As you might see if you zoom in I went
ahead and added all of the “maybe games” that others have called RPGs or
added to their RPG collections, feel free to tell me if you see anything
I lack or something that I should remove but I do believe this really is
a complete set of every RPG released in english on the console.

I know people might complain that 1/3 of the games are PAL versions but
a lot of them was easier to find since I live in the PAL region and since I
don’t want duplicates and refuse to sell the ones I bought on release
part of the games just have to be PAL.
On that note I know you could have finished this set much cheaper if you
lived in the NTSC zone and like I said I bought a lot of the games on release,
probably 1/4 at least… Oh well, as a result most of the game are in
extremely good condition, a few need new boxes (the plastic case),
one manual is missing thanks to an error on my part and about 2-3
discs could use upgrades, otherwise it is all good.

This has been a really fun collection and dream to fulfill, it started 15 years
ago but the active collecting lasted about 1,5 years I think?
Thanks to everyone who have sold me any of the games or bought anything
from me to help finance it all!

I really hope that I will be able to take a break from the collecting
and buy a few other things that I need but if I know myself correctly
I will probably be back soon and reveal my next goal, hehe. Either way I
still have other things to write about and a heap of games to show!

More PS2 goodies

The start of 2017 is off the charts, I thought that 2016 had a crazy start but
this might even surpass that when it comes to added items in the collection.

Just a quick update, mostly games from the “maybe list”,
some call them RPGs at least:

Glad to finally own an english copy of La Pucelle Tactics again and I always wanted to test Puzzle Quest.

And also, finally this bastard, not that rare but I have had some real trouble getting it:

Very few games left, next time I mention the PS2 games should be the last before that collection is complete!

As a bonus this arrived today:

I have only had the time to skip to the favorite song but it just sounds
magnificent! I did not know about the bonus disc when I preordered but
it includes “8 bit” versions of some of the tracks, Drakengard and Nier
also got a disc like this in the Drag-on Nier box.

Beaten games 21-24

Here we go, these four games have kept me quite busy, each being released on
Fridays one week apart. I always say that this is the short version and
never come back to the long ones but hopefully I will this time since
all of these deserve it:

-21 Alwa’s Awakening-

Finally, this is a NES inspired game done right!
Another “metroidvania” this time the focus is more on exploring than
fighting which is fine by me, I only wish the bosses were a bit
harder though. Like a NES game you only use two main buttons and
start/ select. One button for the classic, slow “NES jump” and one to
use the selected ability. You get three in total, one to make a block
appear to help solve puzzles and guard against projectiles, one that makes
bubbles that float and are used as platforms and one that just shoots to
damage enemies and open special doors. together these abilities work really
well and makes an interesting game that really feels like something from the
NES era, in a good way of course.
Nice music and the option to play the game in Swedish since the developers
are from here is just a great bonus!

-22 Hollow Knight-

This game would really need more attention but it will probably get it since
it is coming to Switch later this year. Probably the most massive game in
the metroidvania family, it is just so big. How they managed to draw all
the beautiful backgrounds to this game is a mystery.
A really unique atmosphere where every enemy is some kind of insect or bug
and almost the whole game takes place underground. The NPCs are also
top-notch and really unique. I can’t say much negative at all about this game!
It is not an easy game so be prepared, bosses and enemies all have quite
advanced patterns that you need to learn and there is a total of 150
different ones. Just an amazing game, far better than I expected!

-23 Zelda Breath of the Wild-

I really can’t be fair to this game since I had to stop playing right in
the middle when Nier was released and that messed me up and made
everything else seem a bit pointless. I will probably return to the
game since I missed a lot, in the end I only solved 1/3 of the shrines,
filled out the map, beat the divine beasts etc, in total I spent around
35 hours in the world and I feel that there is still more to discover.
I have not visited too many open worlds but I feel that this is at
least one of the best and I am glad that they made at least one
Zelda game in this style.

The stamina meter was driving me crazy for at least the first hours,
I learned to live with it but still hate it, the worst part about Skyward Sword
and they use it again… next up is the durability which also ruins it a bit,
I hate to constantly pick up worthless weapons and going in and out of the
menu to throw them away, I realise now that you can just thrown them
manually with R but still annoying. Taking back the sailcloth was at least
the best thing they did, it is just such a nice way of traveling and while
speaking of the good parts, I can’t believe that a Nintendo game let’s you
turn of the HUD and the fact that you can beat the game in less than an
hour without glitches is just amazing, I really hoped that
would be the case. Oh well, a lot of good a lot of bad but overall
I am happy with the game!

-24 Nier Automata-

This WILL get its own post. My expectations for this was trough the roof and probably the most anticipated game since Valkyrie Profile 2. It’s always dangerous to have that kind of expectations and after witnessing the first ending I felt quite disappointed and for a weak moment doubted the game and Yoko Taro, I should have known better considering how much my opinion on the first game changed over time and how he usually tells stories! By the time I reached the second ending it was clear that I have to change my top 10 list for the first time since I played Xenosaga…! I am so happy that I got to see the day when a game finally hit so hard that I have to do that.

I won’t go into details or spoilers today but this game really makes you question a lot of things and even though the theme(s) is nothing new the game has so many layers of it that it blows your mind,
without spoiling, again, the final ending has so many metaphors and ways to view it that everyone actually seems to get at least one aspect of it unlike Yoko Taro’s other endings that usually makes people more angry than anything, hehe. I don’t like metaphors in general but this time it is used in such a crazy way and really ties up everything in a way no other game or media has done yet.

Of course the game shows signs of the usual low budget etc as all his games do but I am happy to see that this seem to sell well and somehow also being understood by more than just the old Nier fans, maybe we one day will get a triple A Yoko Taro title, or maybe we don’t want that. Either way this is a masterpiece.

Back from Nier Automata

I-is anyone still visiting? The amount of massive games being released
right now have kept me busy ever since the release of Berseria and as the title
hints at Automata has eaten the most time. The title may also be misleading
since this post will be a mountain of pictures of the promised expensive games
and some other new arrivals. Don’t worry, my next post about Nier, Zelda etc.
will soon be up too!

Oh yes, finally a sealed copy of the japanese Xenogears original release!
Not THAT rare to find but still a must.

RPG maker 3 added to the PS2 collection and I have also replaced every
Greatest hits version that I had in the collection with “black labels”,

No limited version, no Switch, just the standard WiiU one.

I did not plan to get this one but I found it for a good price,
it is the EU version and limited to 2000 copies!

The picture says it all! It might have been expensive but only about half the
price other copies usually end up at. Just a happy coincident that I found it
while searching SFC games for old times sake, hehe.
I didn’t bother to take a picture of the box since it is the generic
“SF memory box” but it is in splendid condition as well.
Wizardry I-II-III , finally!

This is just a bonus, I wanted to take a new photo of the Tales of collection
but I didn’t have the time and energy to try and fit them all in one picture
so for now these are only the limited ones, I actually like those small
figures that we have been getting in the boxes recently, 10 of them now!

Believe or not, two more Xenogears items today:

The eluding Elly and Bart pins, still missing two…

Expensive is the first name, those Square figures really drives up the price!
Even though it was packaged really badly it arrived safely and both the
metal box, live concert disc, the box itself and especially the artbook are
fantastic, one of the best since you can open the book properly and see all the
dual-sided glorious art. Not to mention the game itself, or let’s do it anyway:
Nier Automata, Nier Automata, Nier Automata

Finally we have these, something I have wanted for a long time:

A solution to storing all those DS carts! Really good quality and so easy
to get a good overview. Now to find a solution for the PSP discs…

Loot of January


Time for the first of these for this year, quite a few new items thanks to
Retrogathering which I visited yesterday. I don’t think I have ever spoken to
as many nice people in one day before, the entire day was a real success!

Quite a strange feeling when you can travel 14 minutes from home and find
SFC games for sale, even if it is just twice a year:


A few Strategy games for my secret strategy corner, hehe.
Really good prices and condition even if I already own a Power Monger.


Oh yes, the Dreamcast version of Pier Solar! I will make a longer post
about it when I finally get to playing it. I haven’t touched the game
since the original Megadrive/ Genesis release but it is my favorite game
on that system and I am really impressed that they manage to complete
that project. I spoke a lot to one of the developers yesterday,
bought the game from him and even ended up on the same train home, hehe,
a real pleasure!


Finally bought Ar Nosurge as well, a shame that it took this long
since I really like Ar Toneclio, at least 1 and 2.
High expectations on the soundtrack!


This is another thing I have been looking for, yet another version of Xenosaga
the Animation, sadly it seems to be really discolored on the back side,
the stickers and other damage is only on the shrink-wrap but I suppose that
I will have to get another copy…

Last but not least we have the Tales of Berseria Collector’s Edition:


The annoying part about collecting is of course when items arrive
badly packaged or not in as good condition as you expect. Most stores,
especially here in Sweden are terrible when it comes to packaging and sadly
the Berseria box got a bit damaged…
The inside of the box was at least really nice, all the standard items like
mini soundtrack, artbook etc but those mini figures will look cute together
with the rest of the Tales of chibis and the badges also look superb!
A nice bonus is how good the game is (so far), hehe.

Aside from these I actually have a few more expensive games on the way,
aside from limited boxes I don’t buy THAT many expensive games but sometimes
you need to add some of those to spice up the collection! Stay tuned, haha!

Beaten games 2016

Oh yes, it is finally time, I have really looked forward to writing this
list for some reason. Maybe because it has been a quite good gaming year,
in a way the best, I did beat more games 2013 but that list included a lot
of easy and short games for NES and PC, this year have a lot of massive
and long-awaited games.

I didn’t have any specific goals this year but I did beat 71 new games and
reached a total of 778!

I will follow the same setup as last year and try to list some favorites
at the end, just a small text for each game, some of them already have
longer posts and some might get one in the future but feel free to ask
if you want to know more about any of them. I try to avoid spoilers.



A bit too simple but not a bad game, its hard not to think about Megaman
while playing this Capcom title.

Dragon Fighter
Another too simple game, over before it started as well,
the next NES game will be number 100!


Dragon Quest 2
Ah, this is where the series is truly born and adds a lot of the things
we all know today as typical Dragon Quest. I prefer the first game but
it feels good to finally have visited the roots even if it is a remake.

Already did a post about this one, but yes it is good
and it is crazy that I waited this long to play it etc.

Kero Kero Keroppi
This also got a small post, the RPG for kiddies, one of the shortest
there is, I don’t want to judge it too hard but there is a lot of better
SNES games to play, hehe.

It does have some cool graphics and interesting parts but not a
“hidden gem”, only crazy collectors would buy this.

Energy Breaker
Another game that I wrote a lot about, I have looked forward to play
it for years and it lived up to my expectations!

Mickey to Minnie Magical Adventure 2
Not my type of platformer but I think a lot of people would like it.

Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3
Same as the second game, no major differences.

I already wrote about this as well, I thought is was an RPG until I
played it, more of an adventure/point and click game. Still good though!

Melfand Stories
A nice but maybe too simple beat em up, still look forward
to try it in co-op!

Dragon Quest 3
Since I played the SNES version it was easy to forget that it was
originally on the NES, the world feels far too big and well designed
to ever be on NES but the story and some other parts reveal its true form.
I would probably put it above part 1 and 2 at least.


Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
Again, not my type of platformer, Kirby may be cute and the graphic
quite nice, but the whole concept of stages feels dated and the lack
of challenge doesn’t help.

Sonic Advance
I held right and I won the game… same as Kirby, the concept is not
to my liking these days and I have never understood the terrible
level design in Sonic games. The highlight was the final boss(es).


Dragon Quest IX
It started out great but ended up quite weak, not too much to say,
just another Dragon Quest! Only part 5 and 7 left to beat before
11 finally arrives!

Metroid Prime: Hunters
My poor trigger finger! I can’t believe how bad this is, well, playable but the
level design or rather the entire design of the game is just so far away
from what usually makes Metroid games so good…
The worst part is probably where you have to escape the planet with a
timer EVERY time you beat one of the 8 bosses.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
I want to like it more but sadly I found a broken strategy that ended
all battles in 2 minutes which destroyed the mood of the game a lot.
I might return someday and play it more seriously.


Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
The last and by far easiest installment. The more “open” world was a
really nice variation from the other games and it was a good “end” to
the series. Hopefully we will get the “Lady Layton” game soon!

Bravely Second
Sadly it doesn’t do anything new, just the same game as
Bravely Default once more. Not bad, just redundant.


Super Paper Mario
This was a surprisingly good game, not as good as Paper Mario or
Thousand Year Door of course but being able to play as the princess and
use her “float” ability is something I really have missed since Mario 2,
this is more of the direction I would want the Mario games to go in!

Iwy the Kiwi
When I finally understood the simple controls it was quite an enjoyable
“puzzle” game. The end actually got to me, such a plot twist!

Donkey Kong Country Returns
This was exhausting, played most of it in co-op but finished it myself,
Rayman Origins was better in every way. I looked forward to hear some
new arrangements of old songs but when it turned out EVERY song was
reused it just became boring.


New Super Mario Bros U
These games are always good but I beat them in one sitting and never
look back, it’s just not the same as when I was 6 years old and played
Mario 1-3 over and over…


Sub terrania
Somewhat interesting but it was just too hard to finish without
guide/ save states.

Twinkle Tale
A cute and nice shoot em up, every game in the genre that don’t take
place in space gets bonus points from me!


Wild Arms Alter Code F
Love the original, this lacked the amazing tiles and graphic but it was
still nice to revisit the world and the story.

Metal Saga
This already have a long post, one of the games that I will
really remember as special.

Shining Tears
Third time is the charm, finally beat this odd “twin stick action RPG”,
much more fun in co-op but I really wanted this on the list and beat it
myself. A few annoying story triggers but overall a really nice game.

Graffiti Kingdom
A very simple Action RPG that took me back to the days of
PS1 and Brave Fencer Musashi, ahh.

Full Metal Alchemist
This would have been great with a higher budget but now it is quite so-so,
if you like the anime and RPGs you will probably like this a lot!

Full Metal Alchemist 2
Same as the first game, some things are highly improved but some are
actually worse and I probably prefer the first game.


Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
This should get its own post since it or rather the series has some
“masterpiece qualifications”. I will get back to it once I have played
the second chapter. But the characters, story and especially how it is
told is on another level compared to almost every other game! Wow!


South Park stick of truth
I was a bit skeptic as usual when games are based on TV series but this
is a good game for real, not just compared to others like it. If you
like South Park even a little bit you need to play it.
A bit too easy maybe but overall they got it all right!

Final Fantasy 10-2 HD
I haven’t touched this since the original was released but the game was
EXACTLY as I remembered it. Great battles, ridiculously easy to beat but
impossible to do 100%.

Demon’s Souls
This also need a separate post but I am very glad that I gave it a
second chance all these years later. A lot of inspiring environments,
splendid level design and some interesting boss battles, (not as good as
I had expected though). Overall a really solid game, I believe I will prefer
this over the Souls games but I will give them a new chance as well.

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
I will combine this in my Trails of the Sky text later but for now this is
only a few steps behind that game, this focuses more on the characters and
side events and the main story moves forward very slowly. This ended up as
my third longest game ever (93 hours) and by the end I felt that I really
knew the many playable and NPC characters. I’m usually not to fond of the
whole “school theme” and “bonding events” but in this game it works
extremely well. It does lower the score a bit that the game is quite
predictable in the way that it follows a formula of “class meeting,
side quests, exam, main quest” etc, one of the strong points in
Trails of the Sky was the very unpredictable story developments.

Oh well, a fantastic game that for some reason turns into a cavalcade of
XENOGEARS references in the last hour of the game, minor spoilers ahead
but you do get a gear, it uses the EXACT fighting pose and then they even
quote GRAHF!! It was a really unexpected turn of events and I still can’t
believe they did that in this of all games, I expected a
School simulator RPG and suddenly they are quoting one of my two
favorite characters of all time! I can’t get over that.


Final Fantasy Type Zero
I think I wrote about this before but an okay game with a
fantastic ending, also my first PS4 game.

The Witness
Ah, one of my brother’s top 10 games, I have followed the development
for years and looked forward to play it as well but in the end it will
probably not make my top 100, the biggest flaw is the lack of music
which drives me insane. If you like puzzle games this is of course a must
and it is fantastic in many ways but I will probably never get “100%”.

Dragon Quest Heroes
Already wrote about this too, Healix got to me, I will probably buy the
second game too.

Uncharted 4
Yeah, already covered. This is the definition of AAA and the things
you can only accomplish with money and a big team, it would take a
small indie team 100+ years to make this game which is quite
a crazy thought.

Valkyria Chronicles
Think this is covered? It has aged really well and still feels
like a well needed change of pace in the genre.

Star Ocean 5
probably one of the disappointments of the year, not bad but a much
“smaller” game than I expected, smaller in every aspect.

I am Setsuna
Also covered…? I still feel like this was a success with
the apparent flaws aside.

Hyper Light Drifter
FEZ + Zelda says it all! Or maybe I need to say that it is
overrated and look quite horrible. I often asked myself
“what am I looking at” during the game. But I liked the open world
and the combat was quite good and much more fast-paced
than I thought it would be.

Exist Archive
Amazing that we even got this in english. Odd story but not bad,
it is basically a budget version of Valkyrie Profile and the only
real problems are the repetition in environments (and enemies)
and also the broken skills, the game can be hard as nails or far
too easy depending on how you spend the few “skill points”.
Let’s just keep dreaming about Valkyrie Profile 3!

Axiom Verge
A very overrated metroidvania that looks and sounds terrible,
I had to lower the sound effects to 20% to even be able to play it…
but despite that, I did enjoy it and will probably try
hard mode as well since it was easier than expected.

Final Fantasy XV
Dare I say anything? It will probably get a longer post since it is
such an awaited game. On the other hand everyone else have already
said so much about it. I have never been this torn about a game,
some parts are just amazing and some are utterly terrible.
It has never been this obvious that a game is unfinished and the
“development hell” is really showing… sadly.

My favorite parts are by far:
-the world and just riding around on chocobos, that is amazing.
-Finally a RPG that uses REAL shadows, 10 years later than some
other genres of games… it adds a lot.
-The Armigers, they reminded me of the 12 weapons in FF5,
which I strongly like.
-The pitioss ruins, not for everyone but I enjoyed them more than
the rest of the game combined, also they were a fourth of the game
for me which is sad in many ways.
They will make the list of legendary bonus dungeons!

Parts that will get you worked up that I didn’t like, hehe:
-The story. There was none, well okay, there was but it
will need a longer post.
-It ties in with story but the character development and bonding
with the party didn’t work for me, it really destroys the mood when
they cut their sentences short or repeat the same thing 30+ times.
I liked the characters a lot more in the anime.
-The loading times!! They are not too bad if you just play normally
but if you want to do side quests/ hunts, they are a real problem
and I can’t believe how bad they are.
-okay I will have to make the long version of this after all…

Play the game but be prepared for a mixed bag.

Last Guardian
Hm, I see it as a bad thing that this was EXACTLY what I expected,
I wanted to be surprised but this really is Ico 2, or rather
Ico of the Colossus. The animal is by far the highlight,
it really feels like a real and living creature, as a player it
can get annoying when it doesn’t obey you but I was prepared for
that and never got frustrated. It sometimes shows and feels that
it is originally made for PS3 but there are some really spectacular
sights in there and overall it is great, if it was released 5 years
ago it would probably have gotten a much better reception
and reached the same status as Ico.


I, I don’t know what is going on, I somehow beat it and I believe
this is the most ridiculous story I have ever seen.

Gears of War
Wow, this was a really dated game, the genre have come far,
one of the worst final battles ever.


You have to win the game
A simple platformer, the lack of music is quite maddening.

Noitu Love 2
So much work on the graphic and yet all you have to do is hold
right to win, a few interesting bosses but they need to be harder.

Adventures of Pip
Did I cover this? A nice platformer where you change between different
resolutions to get different abilities, 8 bit hero can use some
abilities you can’t use in 16 bit etc. Nice but don’t stand out
all that much.

A simple Symphony of the Night “clone” with a rather dark twist.

Momodora 4
Covered before! Wished it lasted longer but a real quality game.

Think I covered this too, a nice mix of Metroidvania and beat em up!

Dust: an Elysian Tail
Also covered? A rather ambitious indie Action RPG, a bit too
repetitvie fights but I applaud the game never the less.

Ittle Dew
Covered! A very well designed Zelda clone, in Swedish!

Pink Heaven
Barely a game, just a short side story to Keroblaster.

Shantae Risky’s revenge
Did I cover this? I need to keep a list of that too from now on…
The only one I have played so far but I will be happy to return to
the other Shantae games.

1001 Spikes
Gah, quite frustrating but it has it’s charm, well maybe not,
I rather play VVVVVV.

Covered! One of the stronger releases this year and the most well
polished game ever.

Child of Light
Another covered game, the soundtrack was amazing and I really wish
Ubisoft makes something similar in the future.

AM2R: Samus Returns
Yeah, yeah, covered as well, what a game!
The Metroid game we all deserve!

Evoland 2
Thi-I-what the, words fail me, like I already said before,
this is somewhat my dream game.

Never thought I would beat or even play this again but now that there
is a final release and they added a story etc. it actually turned out
to be good. Not Terraria level of course, but good. The highlights are
the boss battles and some of the very strange places you can find among
the billions of actual planets, a faaar better game universe than
No man’s sky have.

This game! Already covered as well but after accidentally beating
this on hard every other “hard” game like Demon’s Souls etc feels like
a joke, in hindsight I am glad about that mistake and it has really
taken me to another level of “power player” or what the kids say!

Another overrated game that looks horrible, but yeah,
it was also playable and interesting, loved the crazy final boss.

Just like FFXV and Last Guardian a much anticipated game.
I have always seen this as a platformer but in reality it is a
twin stick shooter with graphic and level design like a platformer…
an odd combo that actually works, throw in godly pixel graphic
and a decent story and we have Owlboy.
The biggest complaint is the lack of challenge.

A joke compared to the second game but the same theme of
mixing games, Zelda, FF7, Mario, Diablo, all in one short game!

Final game both on the list and for the year!
After Bastion I expected more… This was over in 4 hours and I didn’t
have the time to understand the battles or the story in that time.
It really felt like it was closing in on the end as soon as you hit
“new game”. Odd game.

Puh! That was intense, both the gaming year and writing this.
Let us lastly try to nominate some games of the year:

My favorite games released 2016:

1: AM2R: Samus Returns
2: Final Fantasy XV
3: Inside

My favorite games played 2016:

1: Evoland 2
2: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky/Cold Steel
3: AM2R: Samus Returns

My worst games played 2016:

1: Metroid Prime: Hunters
2: Gears of War
3: Vanquish

Yeah, Evoland 2 must take the cake for this year!

That’s all but something tells me the next year’s list will also be
quite interesting and MIGHT even change my top ten list for the first
time in 10 years.

The end of 2016

Phew, already closing in on the end of this year, it has gone by very fast but
it also been a very intense year which probably explains why I haven’t made
that many posts.

This will be the short version of my year, first the games, as you will see
when I put up my complete list for the year (around next week) this ended up
as the most gaming intense year of all time, sure I beat more games in 2013
but that included a lot of short and easy NES and PC games, this time the
list has a lot of both massive and long-awaited games that
I never thought I would get to play.

Over all it has been a great year for the collection even though my budget
has been a bit shaky (not to mention the credit card fraud just days before
christmas, huhu). The PS2 collecting has gone far beyond my expectations
and will hopefully be completed early 2017 even if a lot of good games and
limited editions are being released at that time.
As I have mentioned the Xeno items are far apart these days but looking
at the entire year it has still been a few nice additions.
Most of my collecting this year has only been possible thanks to people
trading or buying my duplicates etc.
Many thanks to everyone I have done business with during the year!

As for the non-gaming related year, my sister gave birth to one of those
small creatures that will one day be forced to play RPGs at her uncle’s!
No but seriously, I was quite surprised and not too happy about the sudden
revelation at first but now that the little Freja is about six months old
and starting to learn a few things we all love her and I am surprised how
well my sister is holding up, I know exactly how much you have to offer to
raise a kid and I never saw my sister as someone who would do that.
Luckily she has the best of fiancées supporting her and I really do look
forward to see what kind of person the baby will become!

Only weeks after the birth, our great-grandmother died, nothing surprising
when you are 90 years old of course but still sad.
My brother has also had a minor (well, probably major for him) life crisis,
more or less every close friend and family has moved during the year,
I have met a lot of new people and also a lot of old people who I only had
known through text until now… Phew, just a lot has happened and in the
end I will remember this as a great year!

Let’s end this with the thing you all like, pictures of games!

I was quite surprised to find 4, FOUR RPGs waiting under the
christmas tree for me, I suspected Dragon Quest would be there but this
made me feel like a spoiled kid, haha:

Combining this with the Steam sale and the upcoming games like
TALES OF BERSERIA and NIER AUTOMATA makes it feel like next year
will be a true gaming year as well.

I also entered one of those secret santa threads and received something nice:

I would be happy to get anything besides crappy christmas candy but
this was far beyond my expectations!

And lastly, I just want to wish a -Happy New Gaming Year-
and thank all of my readers with this picture:


Another minor update

It seems like I always make excuses about not making more posts or
more informative ones… I really want to make something like that,
a real analysis of Xenosaga or maybe another of my favorite games or
just decide what I want to do with the SFC-section or even the ever
so secret project, guh.

Anyway, at the moment the thought about beating 1000 games is quite
consuming, I just keep on beating those games and at the moment I
really enjoy it and have spent all free time on that instead of
other projects. This has been a crazy year with a lot of games I
never thought I would see the end of, not to mention that both
Final Fantasy XV AND Last Guardian is just around the corner.
I look forward to write the “beaten games of the year list” that
probably will follow the same formula as last year,
look forward to that!

I have manage to sell a few of my repaired/ cleaned consoles lately
but my storage is still more cramped than ever thanks to a new
mountain of about 5 moving boxes from a friend…
It will take ages to go through it all.

As for the collecting, this is actually the final stretch and
these are some of the last missing games:


Surprised Jade Cocoon 2 was left until the end and Tsugunai was
quite the pain but it is all coming together. I do have some
trouble finding RPG maker 3 and the limited editions of Persona 3
and Devil Summoner 2, the shipping is usually too high to ship
here or the condition is just too bad. Oh well, they will appear
sooner or later but I had hoped to finish this by the
end of the year.

Well, time to finish up some games and get ready
for the long-awaited FFXV!